Transition of Advanced exam

List of instructors for Spring 2020 seminars

As announced previously, Dustin Conrad has joined the MATE Seminars team. He taught some parts of the Spring 2018 Core US seminars as well as all of the Fall 2018 Core US seminars. He then took over the Advanced exam seminars in Spring 2019.

Beginning with the Fall 2019 exam season, Dustin became the seminar instructor for all exams. He will continue to instructor for all exams for the Spring 2020 exam season.

For information about the transition, please see the transition announcement below. For more information about Dustin and him joining the team click here.

Transition of Advanced exam responsibilities

by Mark Bird, owner of MATE Seminars, on 7/11/2018

I am excited to announce a big change in store for MATE Seminars.

I have recently decided to pursue a new challenge that I have contemplated for many years. Beginning this fall, I will begin teaching math at the high school where my kids attend. As a result, my final season teaching the Advanced seminars will be this coming season (Fall 2018). I will be teaching Advanced seminars in Denver (Sep 10-13) and Chicago (Sep 26-29). After this season, I will begin spending less time with MATE Seminars, and Dustin Conrad will be taking over responsibilities for the Advanced exam.

I am leaving this work in good hands. Dustin began teaching Core US seminars with me during the Spring 2018 season, and he is now completely in charge of the Core US seminars. He will do a great job taking over the Advanced seminars as well.

I will continue to be in charge of the Specialty study materials and seminars for now. And I will still be working with Dustin in a consultant role to assist him with this transition. The great study help MATE Seminars has provided for 15 years will continue, with Dustin now taking the lead role.

I look forward to the fun times that will come with teaching high school math. But I will need to continue trying to convince my kids that this is a good change. For some reason they don’t seem quite as excited to have their dad at their school.  🙂