This page describes the changes made to the Design & Pricing syllabus for the Spring 2021 exam.

There were minor changes made to the DP syllabus for the Spring 2021 exam, and they are discussed below. Most of the changes were on the segment C side.

No study notes, articles, or Actuarial Standards of Practice were added.

The following items were modified:

  • GHDP-128-21: Pricing Medicare Supplement Benefits Segment DP-C
    • This study note has been updated from the previous 2019 version
    • The changes were minor and did not materially change any of the important discussion topics in the paper

Finally, the following items were removed from the syllabus:

  • GHDP-133-20: Health Insurer Fee Segment DP-C
  • GHDP-108-17: Post-ACA Trends in Health Coverage for Small Businesses: Views from the Market Segment DP-C
  • GHDP-134-20: Top 10 Technology Trends in Health Insurance Segment DP-C
  • GHDP-124-19 – Medicare Shared Savings Program in the Quality Payment Program Segment DP-A