Syllabus changes for the Spring 2024


Design & Pricing – There were several changes to the DP syllabus from last season, and they are discussed below.

Three study notes were added:

  • Critical Illness Turns 40!
    • This paper is basically a critical illness 101, with most of the discussion on the differences and similarities between the group and individual products
  • Calculated Risk – Driving Decisions Using the 5/50 Research
    • As of 12/16/2023 this paper has not yet been published.
  • GHDP-145-24 – Retiree Health Benefits – Accounting and Valuation Assumptions
    • The syllabus says that this paper is only going to be tested in the Fall of 2024. The paper is basically a copy of the first half of GHVR-816-16. It covers the APV of claim costs for retirement benefits.
    • Presumably, there will be some changes coming to that learning objective on the VR exam coming in Fall 2024


One study note was updated:

  • GHDP-143-24 – Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Benefits
    • This updates the major changes that are coming to the benefit structure of Part D


Two study notes and three chapters were removed from the syllabus.

  • The two study notes removed (GHDP-129-19 & GHDP-126-19) were on critical illness in Canada
    • These concepts were replaced by the new paper on critical illness
  • Three chapters from Kongstvedt’s textbook (2, 22, & 24) were removed. Most of that information is still covered on the current syllabus.
    • The chapters covered health insurers, UW, and Medicare