Syllabus changes for the Fall 2024

Valuation & Regulation – There were several changes to the VR syllabus from last season, and they are discussed below.

Two study notes were slightly modified:

  • GHVR-835-24 – Reserves and Liabilities
    • This Leida chapter was migrated to a study note in its entirety, so the content is the same
  • Think. Write.
    • This paper was moved from Learning Objective 1 to 2


Two study notes and two chapters, including an entire learning objective, were removed from the syllabus.

  • Chapter 8 from Leida’s textbook was removed
    • The chapter covered forecasting and modeling
  • GHVR-830-21: A Hard Pill to Swallow: Appreciating the Mathematical Dynamics of the Affordable Care was removed
  • Learning Objective 4, Retiree Benefits, was removed in its entirety. This removes one study note and one chapter from the syllabus:
    • Skwire chapter 8, Retiree Group Benefits, was removed
    • GHVR-816-16, US Employers’ Accounting of Postretirement Benefits Other Than Pensions, was removed