Product Refund Policy (last updated 12/1/2023)

Standard Refund:
We offer a refund for study materials purchased through us and returned within 30 calendar days of the date the order was delivered. There is a 5% return fee for all printed products that were shipped. There is a 3% refund fee for any online payment orders, regardless of whether the products were shipped/emailed or not. This is to cover the processing fee. Please note there is no refund for electronic products once the files have been emailed.  Returned products must be free of any noticeable wear or damage.

Return Policy for Bundled Packages:
The cost savings associated with our bundled packages (Everything Packages and discounts for purchasing multiple products together) are lost if you return only a portion of the package. For example, if a package provides a savings of $30 then the refund will equal the list price for the returned items less $30 and a 5% return fee. If the entire package is returned, you will receive a refund equal to the package price you paid minus the 5% return fee.

Damaged/Defective Returns & Shipping Discrepancies:
Customers must notify us within 5 business days of the receipt of the order regarding any damage, defective products or shipment discrepancies to be eligible for a damage refund or a replacement order. Returns of these items often require special procedures. Customers are responsible for verifying the contents and quality of delivered orders upon receipt. Please contact us promptly if there are any concerns or problems with your shipment.

Return shipping is typically the responsibility of the customer. However, if we made an error in shipping or the items arrived damaged or defective, we will reimburse you for your return expenses (for non-express methods of shipping), provided we have been notified of the error/damage/defect within 5 days after delivery of the shipment. Paying additional for tracking service and shipping insurance is completely at the customer’s discretion and will not be refunded.

Please note we do not refund shipping charges on original purchase.

Please send all returns to MATE Seminars, c/o Bird Books N More, 7224 N Par Alley, Idaho Falls ID 83401.

Seminar Refund Policy
We offer a parital refund for cancellations of seminars. Please reach out directly; the amount of the refund will be  made on a case-by-case basis only due to the nature of the digital materials. The cost savings associated with our Everything Packages is lost if you cancel your seminar registration but choose to keep the study materials. In order to return the study materials, they must meet the criteria set in our standard return policy above.