Segment Seminar Offering

Dear MATE Customers,
We are pleased to announce that we will be able to accommodate Segment attendees to our seminars
this fall. The Segmented seminars will be taught as a Virtual Webinar, and the cost will be $575 per
segment. Each Segment will take approximately 2 days with some minor leeway at the end or beginning
of each segment. A rough schedule is below:

August 30th DP-C all day
August 31st DP-C all day
September 1st DP-A all day (probably some DP-C in the morning)
September 2nd DP-A all day

September 7th FV-A all day
September 8th FV-A all day (probably some FV-C in the afternoon)
September 9th FV-C all day
September 10th FV-C all day

If you are sitting for the “Advanced” (DP-A & FV-A) exam and you wanted to attend the two
separate segments we should be able to accommodate that as well.
You can reach out to us at for pricing and payment details and seminar

Thank you for your interest and please let us know if you have any questions.
-Dustin Conrad
MATE Seminars Instructor