Availability of next season’s products

Availability of Spring 2018 products

Now that the Fall exams are almost here, we are preparing for the Spring exam season.

The SOA typically releases the syllabi for the upcoming exams near the beginning of the week following the current exam season. That is when we are able to publish the MATE Seminars products for the new season. When there are only a few changes to the syllabi and the SOA provides us with advance copies of the new readings, then our products are available for shipment within a couple days of the syllabi being released. When there are many changes or we are not able to acquire the new materials in advance, then our publishing date is pushed back. But we usually have all products ready within a month of the syllabi being released.

Accordingly, our official availability date for Spring products is set for Nov. 6. All products will be available for sale or pre-order by that date. And we hope to also be printing some of the products on that date. We would then be able to ship orders made on our website the next day. Again, that depends on whether the SOA has published the syllabi. Nov. 6 is also the first day for seminar registration for our Spring 2018 seminars.

The normal SOA syllabus update schedule indicates that the Core and Specialty syllabi will not be updated this season. For each exam, we do still wait until the syllabus release date in order to confirm that there are no changes to the syllabus before printing.

Good luck to everyone taking the Fall exams! And let’s get ready for Spring!