Valuation & Regulation US – Study Manual


The study manual includes exam studying advice, a suggested study schedule, a detailed outline of all syllabus readings, and a condensed outline of lists.

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The MATE Seminars Group and Health Valuation and Regulation study manual begins with a short discussion of exam studying advice, which includes a suggested study schedule. This is followed by the two main sections of the manual: a detailed outline and a condensed outline.

The detailed outline is a summary of all required readings for the exam, written in outline format and emphasizing the most important pieces of each reading. Having this outline already prepared increases the time that can be spent committing the material to memory. The outline is written in sufficient detail to minimize the need to reference the syllabus source material and includes examples of how the SOA tests the material.

Following the detailed outline is a condensed outline of lists. These lists are focused on the main topics of the syllabus and are a very effective studying tool for the final weeks before the exam. Many exam questions ask candidates to recite these lists.

Note: this product is for the VR - US exam only, NOT for Canada exam.